Welcome to Barre Physique. We appreciate your taking the time to get to know a little more about us. Barre Physique is a unique workout method that focuses on precise movements to strengthen the body and create a lean, flexible, healthy body. Our intimate studio setting allows more individual attention to achieve maximum results. Barre Physique technique incorporates highly focused and controlled movements by combining core strengthening, yoga, pilates, ballet bar work and orthopedic stretching skills. Qualities gained from this technique and experiences expected:
Exceptional strength, flexibility and balance
Average loss is 10-12 inches and 1-3 dress sizes in 4
weeks when committed to class
Intimate setting allows great attention to each individual’s
form to achieve ultimate results
Studio provides an incredible community camaraderie
Perfect for adults of all ages
Builds powerful and solid core strength
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Barre Physique Founder
Fitness and wellness expert, athlete and celebrity trainer and entrepreneur are just a few words to describe Lisa Torres.  Being disappointed by countless exercise methods and not attaining the strong, long, lean body she desired, Lisa worked with an orthopedic sports surgeon and various physical therapists to develop her Barre Physique Workout Technique.  She healed and dramatically changed her body from a size 12 to a size 2/4 with her unique workout fusion of extreme core conditioning, various exercise disciplines and orthopedic stretching where the muscles of the body are safely worked to fatigue and then immediately stretched to achieve maximum strength, flexibility and balance.

Her entrepreneurial spirit combined with her extensive training and passion for barre workouts gave her the drive to open and create Barre Physique Fitness Studios, A Barre Physique National Certification program recognized by AFFA, as well as pursue other outlets such modeling, hosting and a nationwide fitness campaign. Her passion and drive along with her personality are a rare but powerful combination.  With nearly 10 years of barre fitness experience, medical endorsements, and having trained countless individuals and trainers, she is a pioneer in barre fitness movement and recognized as A Barre Fitness Expert.